SIF: A Framework for Solidity Contract Instrumentation and Analysis


Solidity is an object-oriented and high-level language for writing smart contracts that are used to execute, verify and enforce credible transactions on permissionless blockchains. In the last few years, analysis of smart contracts has raised considerable interest and numerous techniques have been proposed to check the presence of vulnerabilities in them. Current techniques lack traceability in source code and have widely differing work flows. There is no single unifying framework for analysis, instrumentation, optimisation and code generation of Solidity contracts.

In this paper, we present SIF, a comprehensive framework for Solidity contract analysis, query, instrumentation, and code generation. SIF provides support for Solidity contract developers and testers to build source level techniques for analysis, understanding, diagnostics, optimisations and code generation. We show feasibility and applicability of the framework by building practical tools on top of it and running them on 1838 real smart contracts deployed on the Ethereum network.

In proceedings of the 2019 26th Asia-Pacific Software Engineering Conference (APSEC)
Chao Peng
Chao Peng
Senior Researcher

My research interests include Software Testing, Program Repair and Compilers.